GM Viral marketing campaign

August 14, 2009

GM luanched it’s new viral marketing campaign, showing a “230” with a happy house plug in place of the zero, and a releasr date underneath. The 230 represents the MPG the Chevy Volt will acheive, making it the first mass-roduction vehicle to not only hit triple digits, but explode to over 200!! Here is a link to a Detroit press conference.

Click here to see the Detroit press conference



2007 Corvette sold.

July 27, 2009

We sold the 2007 Corvette with no miles on it to a super nice guy named Ron. It was weird seeing it go.

Rebecca poses with Ron next to the Corvette.

Rebecca poses with Ron next to the Corvette.


July 3, 2009

We finally got our  first 2010 Equinox in and it looks awesome. The one we got is a 4 cylinder FWD, capable of getting 46 MPG!!  The interior looks amazing, as well. This vehicle will fill a major hole in the small SUV market. 2010equinox1

Best deal on 2009 Uplanders

April 20, 2009

We have decided to blow our 2009 Uplanders out. With a retail sticker price of $25,840, they are a good deal. But we have used our GM incentives combined with almost no markup on our end to get the price down to $16,390. You won`t find another minivan priced so low. At 240 hp, with a fuel sipping 34 mpg V6, it is also the safest way to travel. Come down and take one for a drive. Call 604.584.7411 to book an appointment and ask for the blog price.

2009 Chevy Uplander

2009 Chevy Uplander

Camaro SS vs. Mustang GT vs. Challenger R/T

April 2, 2009

In a Camaro SS vs. Challeneger R/T vs. Mustang GT comparison,  Motor Trend picked the Camaro hands down.

read the full article HERE.

Camaro SS from the 2009 Vancouver Int’l Auto Show.

Camaro SS from the 2009 Vancouver Int’l Auto Show.

I had a chance to work the Vancouver Auto Show on April 1st and the Camaro SS stole the show. I’ve never seen hype like that surrounding a car before. There were no less thean 40 people gawking at it at any given time. I had to wait unitl closing to get this pic.

Respect to Paul Sandhu, the latest person to order a Camaro from us. He went with the V8 SS in black with smoky rims and the RS package. He went with black (my favourite) and the Inferno Orange leather interior… a heroic choice. I can’t wait to see it.

Call us now to order your 2010 Camaro in V6 or V8. 604.584.7411 and say you read the blog.

Flag 2.0 – Facebook & MSN Messenger!

March 23, 2009

Join our MSN list by adding  or add us on face book or click HERE for our Facebook page.

We are digital.  Ahead of the curve.  Settin’ trends.  Takin’ names.

Anyways, now you can join the Flag Facebook group and keep up to date, or you can add us on your MSN Messenger for instant chat, and we can even do a credit application, book a test drive or answer any questions in real time!


March 23, 2009

2009 Chevy Silverado Hybrid!!

March 9, 2009

We finally got a new Silverado Hybrid. It’s a black Crew Cab and check out these stats. 29 mpg on the highway and 27 MPG  IN THE CITY!!!

That’s amazing. ‘Nuff said. If you need to haul or pull and don’t want to go broke doing it, this is your truck.

April Fool’s Day

March 7, 2009

as my favourite day of the year approaches, i can say that a few of us here are starting to plan out our moves. i can only say that adam “new guy” sinclair will be at the top of my hit list. and i at the top of his, i’m sure. i want it to be so genius as to almost be not funny.

Almost… 2010 Camaro in Surrey

March 3, 2009